Welded Beam Line


Pro Roof Steel Merchants has acquired a fully automated, state of the art “Welded Beam Line”. This line produces universal columns and beams as well as T-beams in a wide range of sizes for various applications. Beams and columns can be manufactured from 300WA , 350WA, grade 50B and corten material.

The production process consists of three coiled steel strips being fed simultaneously into the beam machine to form a web and two flanges. The product passes through the “beam forming station” and is then welded to form a high quality, lightweight product. High frequency resistance welding is a versatileand productive method for the manufacturing of H, I and T welded beams.

While hot rolled beams has proven suitable for heavier sections various limitations exists which are not generally recognised. It is difficult, for example, to roll beams with significant differences in thicknesses between web and flanges. Beams with dissimilar metal components for increased sectional strength cannot be rolled. Obviously none of these traditional hot rolled limitations will apply to the high frequency welding process used to manufacture high quality and lightweight structural solutions for our ever increasing customer base.

The welded product produced by this line will find applications in a wide variety of industries and sectors such as; building and construction, fabrication, mechanical manufacturing, overhead cranes, truck,container and trailer manufacturing, roadside guardrails, marine vessel construction, and many more. One of the advantages of using a welded beam versus a hot rolled beam is a weight reduction in the range of 5 to 30%, and the obvious benefit for our customers will be a reciprocal cost saving. Fabrication time and labour costs will also be saved due to the lightweight properties of the welded product.