Welded Beam Line

Pro Roof Steel Merchants has acquired a fully automated, state of the art “Welded Beam Line”. This line produces universal columns and beams as well as T-beams in a wide range of sizes for various applications. Beams and columns can be manufactured from 300WA , 350WA, grade 50B and corten material. The production process consists of three coiled steel Read more about Welded Beam Line[…]

Roofing Solutions

Pro Roof Steel Merchants has grown to become one of the largest manufacturers of roofing solutions in South Africa. The three most common and popular roofing profiles (Corrugated, IBR, Widespan) used in the roofing industry worldwide, are manufactured in-house at our various service and steel processing centers in South Africa. We can supply all these profiles Read more about Roofing Solutions[…]

Fencing and Wire Products

Our group offers a wide range of fencing solutions by means of our production facilities situated in Vereeniging. Our fencing products find applications in various sectors of the industry, used mainly for security and enclosing purposes. The main sectors served are various agricultural co-operatives, builder’s merchants, fencing- and security contractors and last but not least Read more about Fencing and Wire Products[…]

Tubing and Cold Formed Sections

Pro Roof Steel Merchants manufactures a comprehensive range of hot rolled structural tubing and cold formed open sections in its various service and steel processing centres. The tubing or hollow sections range include: circular (round), square and rectangular profiles, manufactured from hot rolled strips which are slit in-house according to our requirements. Structural tubing is Read more about Tubing and Cold Formed Sections[…]